Welcome to the continent of Telis, year 4870.

Telis is all that you know. You have heard of lands to the east and to the north, but have never traveled to them, nor do you know anyone who has. They are the lands of myth and legend. Perhaps in these coming days you hope to see these lands, but most people have resigned themselves to their simple lives, without care or worry.

You live in the city of Greenrest, home to the largest and longest standing temple to Bahamut. For years, Greenrest has been in a deep economic downturn. Most of the nobles had moved out of the city, and the common folk were openly rioting and rebelling in the streets. However, on Yearspass Day, just this year, the streets were suddenly devoid of violence. The town guardsmen had returned to their posts. The nobles returned to the city, and suddenly the markets were full to bursting. Today is festival day, and no one would dare disrupt such a holy activity. Talk in the taverns is that the city treasury, yesterday completely empty, had been filled, but by whom, nobody can hazard a guess. many assume it was the assistance of the king’s brother, who had returned from the wars not 3 weeks past, but some believe it may have come from far less reputable sources.

how you came to Greenrest varies from person to person, but all of you are here, and all of you are participating in some way with the Festival of Justice, celebrating 4000 years since the construction of the great Temple of Bahamut. Today is an important day for the city of Greenrest, the Kingdom of Balen, and the entire continent of Telis.

Today, you celebrate.

Can I play with Madness?

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