the city of Greenrest was built around the footprint of the Temple of Bahamut in the year 4051. Since that time, it grew from a simple village into a bustling coastal city, the seat of the crown for the kingdom of Balen. All of you have lived here for at least a year, and have heard of this place for all of your lives, as it is the most powerful kingdom on the western coast of Telis. It has 5 districts:

The Temple District, containing the temple and its surrounding homes, is the most expensive and most well kept of all the districts

Market Crescent, which runs a full 3/4 of the ring wall surrounding the city and contains the majority of the shops and merchants.

The Sound, so named for the constant noise of craftspeople, the banging of anvils, the noise of knives on leather, of hammers to wood. Located in the northwest, primarily the home and workplace of all crafters and builders.

the Sprawl, the largest area, in the southwest portion of the city. It’s a hodgepodge of houses and taverns, inns and guild halls. It covers nearly twice as much ground as all the rest of the districts combined

The Shelf, located on a plot of land slightly lower than the rest, seperated by a crack left by an earthquake centuries ago, The Shelf is a place of disease and depression. Beggars line the streets, and pickpockets dart through alleyways. The only problem is, all the best taverns are dead center to this area, at least…the best ones to get anything done.

The Temple of Bahamut

The Temple of Bahamut was completed on Yearspass day, 870. It has stood 4000 years, and has been left untouched, even in war. Invading kingdoms would take great care not to harm the temple or any of it’s priests, for fear of divine retribution. It stands 300 feet high at its highest tower, and takes up an entire square mile of the city. Worshippers of Bahamut take pilgrimage to this temple, and it is widely believed that the first Avatar of Bahamut spent his final days in the cloisters.


The largest Library in Telis. Home to nearly every printed volume of the age. Also home to the most prestigious Wizard college in the west, Magusbrook Academy. Specialties of this Wizard’s college are Evocation, Conjuration, and Abjuration. They have strict laws against using any necromantic magics, nor do they allow the use of Illusion or Transmutation magics, as they are viewed as the lesser magics when compared to being able to pull energy directly from the web of magic and conjure the elements to your bidding.

Obviously, once graduated, Wizards are free to pursue any magical interest they wish, within the local laws, of course, but only those who stay on the path of the wizards of Candlekeep earn the right to apply for employ with the Archwizards of the Azure Watch, a group dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the very web of magic itself.


A town that sits on the western of the the only road to the east. Most of the town lies in ruins after a Storm Titan had been set upon it, but was miraculously saved by a group of adventurers.

For many years, Westbridge was heart of the kingdom of Greenrest, but years of war with the east left it mostly uninhabited until the Aarakocra took up roost about 600 years ago. Since then, Westbridge has been the last stop for religious pilgrims of the Aarakocra tribes, and is a well known place of respite for travelers moving to the north or the east.


Ramlynn sits on the northern edge of the Kingdom of Greenrest, on the border with the Dwarven Empires. It was built by Dwarves, and came under the control of Greenrest during the White War. Many Dwarves still call it home and still participate in the traditonal festivals and holidays of the old Empires. For many years, their claim to fame was their arena, but Greenrest put laws in place to keep it from opening again. Most would say those laws were innefective, and Ramlynn has been put under Martial Law several times in the last 200 years.


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