The Wizard

A wizard with bright eyes and honeyed words


the Wizard is a 6’2" High Elf, with a clean shaven head and no facial hair. His defining feature is a chunk missing from his right ear, where the point would be.

He wields a book that seems to be able to tell him information relevant to any situation, which also doubles as his spellbook.


The Wizard is of unknown age, but is at least 400 years old, as that is when he began hunting Lantlos.

Very little is known of the Wizard, and he will not speak his name, hence why he is only referred to as “The Wizard”. Those who have dealt with the Wizard in the past claim he is extremely charming, but also prone to bouts of violence. His known associates are grave robbers and necromancers, all of whom have an absolute fear of the Wizard, and even under duress will not reveal any information about him.

his last confirmed location was a house off the shore a few miles from Candlekeep, some 1500 miles from Greenrest, but that was 400 years ago, and he has since faded back into relative obscurity.

The Wizard

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