Braedon Lovath

The Governor of the city of Greenrest


A portly human man, approximately 40 years of age. he has thinning brown hair poorly combed over the top of his balding head. He wears a pair of spectacles with lenses made of precisely cut blue sapphires, giving him excellent, although blue tinged, vision.

He wears the garments of his office, robes of silk made by artisans in the trade districts and a badge of brass that simply proclaims “Governor” in block letters.

Being born of a noble house has afforded him a life of luxury, but a lack of compassion for those of lesser birth, but he has made great strides in recent years to understand the plight of the common folk.

He has recently taken into his service a number of servants, all of whom seem less than ideal candidates for the jobs he puts them up to, as well as seeming to cost him very little in the way of gold.


Braedon is the 3rd cousin of the King, and as such was given his position mostly as a token gesture, but also out of an actual need for the day to day bureaucracy of the city to be taken care of.

He excels at numbers, and has kept the treasury balanced and in the black since he was appointed…though that may seem easy to his detractors, who claim that the treasury is either completely empty and that the money being used is from alternate sources, or overwhelmingly full from some mysterious benefactor. They can never quite decide which one is more plausible, as the Governor spends coin fast and loose, both on himself and his citizens.

Whatever form of accounting you subscribe to, the common folk whisper that he has dealings with unnatural forces, going so far as to say he makes bargains with devils in exchange for coin. Others claim that he takes kickbacks from the local Thief Lords and allows them to coninue their De Facto rule over the common citizens in The Shelf area of the city.

Braedon Lovath

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