Lantlos Verin

A man who keeps questionable company


Lantlos is a Wood Elf Rogue, stands at 5’10", with reddish bronze hair that hangs to his shoulders. His most notable feature is his eyes, or more accurately, his lack of them.

His last sighting ended in bloodshed.


Lantlos spent much of his youth outrunning guards and conning decent folk out of money. As he grew older he made his living as a pickpocket, and later as an information dealer. He has spent the last 20 years in Greenrest, hiding out from a wizard he angered by selling the location of his most prized book of spells.

At 600 years old, he is nearing the end of his life, but he still fears the wizard, if only because his last encounter with him left him eyeless. Even without sight Lantlos is incredibly spry, capable of acrobatic feats mot people would never dream of performing. He still sells information, but mostly he lives off of his reputation…and the incredible wealth he amassed in his younger years. Were he not a lowborn Elf, he would likely be the head of a ruling house in Greenrest.

Most days he can be seen sitting quietly in the taverns around Greenrest, meeting with friends, but more often meeting with former business associates, all of whom seem to skirt the law in some way.

Lantlos Verin

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