The Ideal of Law


Azurewatch was a small human girl, no older than 15. She wore simple, peasant’s clothing, and held a gleaming longsword.

She died in single combat with Stormlord Rocky Badlands.


She cried that night. For the first time in her many years of seeking, she had found them. She had found the ones who caused her such misery, who had kept her here, locked away forever. She would be free. She would bring order to their chaos. She would-

There was a tapping on the glass. He stood there, smiling broadly. She would be let out. She would be free to bring them to justice. She smiled, for the first time in her life. Gone was Beris, a girl of 15, and in her place stood Azurewatch, The Ideal of Law. Never again would she be kept in a cage, never again would she be denied justice.


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