Can I play with Madness?

The offer

Wherein an offer is made and a party is formed

She emerged from fire and blood. You saw her, gently hovering above the ground, wielding a longsword. At her side is a fire eye’d boy pulling a cart full of gold. She murdered the king’s daughter right in front of you, tossing the body away like a cheap broken toy. She introduced herself as Cyanwrath, and she made you an offer; That you find the thief Lantlos Verin and retrieve a spellbook that belongs to her. If you should succeed, she is prepared to offer you more gold than you have ever seen in your lives. If you fail, she will raze the city, she will find you, and she will end you.

She imparts one piece of knowledge before leaving the city with her entourage:

“I will turn everything you know into Ash”



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