Can I play with Madness?

Sleeping on Swords

Garrett Departs

Garrett woke suddenly. His back ached, and as he sat up, he knew why. He had fallen asleep on the sword Nathan had kept. How it came to be underneath him, he couldn’t say. As he puzzled over the blade’s placement, he noticed a small piece of parchment under the hilt. After moving the sword with his cloak, Garret opened the note.

“This war is not yours to wage, and the toll it takes on you is far greater than you know. Your guild suffers without leadership. You cannot keep this power to yourself. You fancy yourself a king, yet you remain a slave to this nightmare. I am taking back what is mine. Inscribed on this parchment is a spell of True Passage. As soon as you finish reading that sentence, it will already be too late.”


And with that, he vanished, leaving only the note and a thick iron nail in his place.



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