Can I play with Madness?

How Oskar fell to Darkness

OR Oskar the Grouch

I can still remember the day I found you. I, young and full of new-found power; you, lying in a bloody heap after a battle in a war nobody remembers or cares about.

To pay my way through Magusbrook, I had to take some very odd jobs. Oddest (and most lucrative) of all was this; working for the Corpse Lords from the south. They dealt in bodies, large and small, and taught me the spells for resurrection…the only problem was that I was no wizard. My power came from my patron…and Atmos knows best.

He saw you first. He told me you were important. He told me to bring you back, not for the Corpse Lords, but for me. I was to pass on as much knowledge to you as I could, for Atmos told me how necessary you were. We need you to save us, he says. We need you to grow, and learn, and become something great, and then we need to kill you. We need to use you to get to them. There’s no getting around it.

I’ve seen the numbers, and as well you know…numbers do not lie.



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